Adhesive Coated Aluminum Foil

Turn to Clean Aluminum Foil for Automotive Applications

Energy costs are high today, which is why automotive manufacturers are now turning to aluminum as a lighter weight, fuel-efficient alternative to steel and other materials. All Foils supplies coated products and pressure sensitive adhesive tapes that are used by this industry. Whether you need corrosion resistant coated aluminum or adhesive coated aluminum foil tape, we can satisfy your needs.

This industry uses our products for:

  • Heat seals – Our foil tapes help prevent leaks, retain freshness, and reflect heat.
  • Heat exchangers – Our tapes assist heat exchangers transfer heat from one medium to another at different temperatures.
  • Sound dampening – Our adhesive foil tapes help with sound control and insulation performance.
  • Stampings – Our foils help with the auto stamping process.
  • Paint room / paint booth liner foil
  • Foil tapes  – Our foil tapes come in adhesive aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and nickel. Our tapes are great for auto repair needs and other applications.

Contact us today if you’re looking for heat seal coated aluminum foil, corrosion resistant coated aluminum, automotive foil tape, and more.

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